Sunday, September 6, 2009

Summer's Ending

It's so hard to believe that tomorrow is Labor Day - the unofficial end to summer. I must say, it was a great one, but it sure did go by too quickly as usual. However, that means that the best season is right around the corner...FALL! We love fall - cooler weather (but not too cold!), beautiful trees, hunting season, football, fleece jackets, fires, and apple cider, just to name a few of the wonderful things about the upcoming season. Well, I thought I would just update everybody on a few of our recent end-of-summer here we go!

A Nephew on the Way!
My sister, Sarah, and her husband, Brian, are expecting their first baby this coming November (November 3rd, to be exact!). This will be my parents' first grandbaby and my first nephew, so we are all VERY excited for them! His name will be Landon Tyler...and I know he will be a cutie pie! Last weekend I traveled up to Northern VA with my mom and two grandmothers to visit with Sarah and Brian and to attend a baby shower for Sarah. It was great to see Sarah and Brian again and also to see all of the cute things that Sarah got at the shower! We also got to see Sarah and Brian's new house! We didn't get to go inside, but what we could see from peeking through the windows looks really nice...I can't wait to see it once they are all moved in.

The grandmothers, mom, Sarah, and me

Opening presents is hard!!

This is a pamper cake that my mom made. Isn't she so creative?

This is their new home! So nice!

Back to School!
Andrew went back to work two weeks ago and has been working hard preparing for the upcoming year and getting his classroom all settled for his third year at Patrick Henry High School. This year he will be teaching AP US History as well as Academic US History, so he will have all 11th graders. The school year officially starts this coming Tuesday.

Mr. Hartman!

This past Friday we went to the first PH home football game. Andrew and I can get in free since he is a teacher there, so we are going to try to take advantage of more of these games as something fun and free to do this fall. We have gone to games in previous years, but this was the best game that we have been to yet, mostly because they won and it wasn't raining. PH took the win over Basset, 21-11. It was definitely a great way to start the year and set the school spirits high.

Gone Fishin'
Today after church we spontaneously decided to go to Smith Mountain Lake to go fishing, since this may be one of the last opportunities before it gets too cold and before our weekends are all booked up. We had a very relaxing time down there, as we always do. It was cloudy for most of the time and it was actually a bit cool and breezy (it was just perfect!). Andrew caught a sizeable catfish and a big carp. I, on the other hand, just caught a few sunfish and a lot of sticks. Oh well, I still had a great time!

My awesome stick fish

James says "Hi" too!

How did all of this trash get on the floor?? I don't know!!