Sunday, September 19, 2010

My RoadID

Last month when Andrew and I ran in the Fab5K, I was introduced to a new company with a great product: RoadID.

A RoadID is a wearable piece of identification that contains information that could be life-saving should anything happen to you while you are out running, walking, biking, or grocery shopping. They have IDs that you can wear on your wrist, ankle, or attach to your shoe, and they come in all different colors. You can customize up to 6 lines of text with 24 characters on each line. You can include information such as your name, phone numbers of people to contact in case of an emergency, if you have any medical problems or allergies, or even an inspirational quote. The products are geared towards athletes, but anyone can (and should) wear one.

When I first heard of the idea, I thought it was a little silly to always be wearing some sort of identification. But the more I thought about it, I realized how important something like this could be if you were to get hurt, pass out, etc. when you weren't carrying any ID. I know this all sounds really morbid, but you never know what could happen, and this is one of those things that you really hope you never have to use.

So here is my new Wrist ID Elite:

(FYI, I blacked out the phone numbers, in case you thought that's what it really looked like)

Just for ordering, the friendly folks at RoadID gave me a coupon to share with all of my friends. It is good for $1 off any RoadID order through 10/14/2010. It can only be used up to 20 times, so if there are even that many people who read this thing, sorry if they are all used up. Here it is:

(you can use it by entering it at checkout or by going to

So, I think everybody should order a RoadID, pronto.

Antique & Classic Boat Show

Earlier in the week I heard on the morning news that there was going to be an antique boat show at Smith Mountain Lake. Knowing that Andrew likes old boats, and also seeing that the event was FREE, I mentioned it to him and we decided to go.

Yesterday was the 20th Annual Antique & Classic Boat Show at Mariners Landing at Smith Mountain Lake. It was a beautiful day for looking at some beautiful boats. You could really tell that the owners of these boats put a lot of time, effort, money, and love into their boats. We really enjoyed looking at all of the old boats and seeing how unique each one of them was. I took a bunch of pictures, so here you go...enjoy!

This one ended up being our favorite...this picture doesn't do it justice; it was gorgeous!

These were our other two favorites next to each other

We thought it was neat how much the front looked like a car

I really liked their picnic display on this one

I especially liked the mannequin on this one!

Some wooden kayaks

A boat with a steam engine

Monday, September 13, 2010

"The Choice"

Last night I was reading a book called When God Whispers Your Name by Max Lucado. The chapter I read was called "The Choice" and I thought it was so wonderful and amazing that I made Andrew read it this evening and now I'm going to make you read it, too. I hope you don't mind, but I don't think you will.

I should really read this every morning...

"The Choice"

It's quiet. It's early. My coffee is hot. The sky is still black. The world is still asleep. The day is coming.

In a few moments the day will arrive. It will roar down the track with the rising of the sun. The stillness of the dawn will be exchanged for the noise of the day. The calm of solitude will be replaced by the pounding pace of the human race. The refuge of the early morning will be invaded by decisions to be made and deadlines to be met.

For the next twelve hours I will be exposed to the day's demands. It is now that I must make a choice. Because of Calvary, I'm free to choose. And so I choose.

I choose love...

No occasion justifies hatred; no injustice warrants bitterness. I choose love. Today I will love God and what God loves.

I choose joy...

I will invite my God to be the God of circumstance. I will refuse the temptation to be cynical...the tool of the lazy thinker. I will refuse to see people as anything less than human beings, created by God. I will refuse to see any problem as anything less than an opportunity to see God.

I choose peace...

I will live forgiven. I will forgive so that I may live.

I choose patience...

I will overlook the inconveniences of the world. Instead of cursing the one who takes my place, I'll invite him to do so. Rather than complain that the wait is too long, I will thank God for a moment to pray. Instead of clinching my fist at new assignments, I will face them with joy and courage.

I choose kindness...

I will be kind to the poor, for they are alone. Kind to the rich, for they are afraid. And kind to the unkind, for such is how God has treated me.

I choose goodness...

I will go without a dollar before I take a dishonest one. I will be overlooked before I will boast. I will confess before I will accuse. I choose goodness.

I choose faithfulness...

Today I will keep my promises. My debtors will not regret their trust. My associates will not question my word. My wife will not question my love. And my children will never fear that their father will not come home.

I choose gentleness...

Nothing is won by force. I choose to be gentle. If I raise my voice may it be only in praise. If I clench my fist, may it be only in prayer. If I make a demand, may it be only of myself.

I choose self-control...

I am a spiritual being. After this body is dead, my spirit will soar. I refuse to let what will rot, rule the eternal. I choose self-control. I will be drunk only by joy. I will be impassioned only by my faith. I will be influenced only by God. I will be taught only by Christ. I choose self-control.

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. To these I commit my day. If I succeed, I will give thanks. If I fail, I will seek His grace. And then, when this day is done, I will place my head on my pillow and rest.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

I know the weekend isn't over quite yet (thank goodness), but I thought I'd go ahead and post about our weekend activities so far.

Yesterday we went to a very fun and lovely wedding at Sinkland Farms in Christiansburg. I have known the bride and her wonderful family for quite a while, so it was so great to see her get married and to see two great families coming together.

The ceremony took place inside of a really neat barn

The coolest chandelier I have ever seen...made out of glass bottles and hanging in the middle of the barn

The bride and her dad walking down the aisle

The pond just down the hill from the barn

Andrew and me at the reception

As you can see, the venue was so pretty and they couldn't have asked for more perfect weather. We had a great time being a part of the couple's big day.

Today was yet another gorgeous day. After church, Andrew and I went to the Potts Slope shooting range in Craig County, just north of New Castle. The drive alone was worth the trip; it was spectacular, especially today with such great weather.

We had never been to this range before so we didn't really know much about it. It's free to shoot, but you have to supply your own targets. Thankfully Andrew is a handyman and made us some nice target stands (below).

There were other people there but it wasn't overcrowded and everyone was friendly and respectful (which is always a good thing when there are guns involved). Andrew brought his 9 mm pistol and his .303 rifle. I brought my new .38 special revolver; this was my first time getting to shoot it.

As you can see, we had a good time...

After we used up all of our ammo, we went back home. On the way home we did a little exploring on one of the forest service roads off of Rt. 311.

Good times!

I'm not sure what our plans are for tomorrow but they will probably consist of relaxing and cheering on the Hokies as they face off against Boise State. Yay for football season!