Saturday, October 10, 2009

Layman Family Farms

Last weekend Andrew and I took a trip to Layman Family Farms just to have a fun time and pick out our pumpkin for this Halloween. After all, it is way more fun to pick it from the field than from the big box at Kroger. While we were there we also got to do the big corn maze. I had never done one before and it was really a lot of fun trying to find your way out. With a little help from a map and the "hints" along the way, we finally made our way through the maze, mostly thanks to Andrew. They also had some barnyard animals, pumpkin and corn cannons, a hayride to the pumpkin patch, and delicious kettle corn. After a little deliberating, we finally picked out our pumpkin. At just 36¢ a pound, it was a pretty good deal! After we had our fill of the farm, we took the parkway on the way home to take in some of the pretty views and we also stopped at the Roanoke Mountain Overlook (the last picture below is the view from there). It was a really fun day and definitely got us in the mood for fall. The leaves are just beginning to really change and it is absolutely beautiful around here. Anyways, here are a few pictures from our day.

In other news, Andrew has already gotten two deer since archery season opened last Saturday. I'm so proud of him! And thankful that we'll have plenty of meat to stock the freezer. My dad took this picture with his cell phone of my big hunter with his kill! Sorry if this picture is offensive, but there are dead deer on the side of the road all the time, so I know you'll get over it (and don't worry, we eat everything we kill).

Well, that's basically all that's new for us right now. We are looking forward to going to Mabry Mill right up the road in Meadows of Dan, VA either this weekend or next to really take in the breathtaking fall colors...and some of their yummy pancakes.