Sunday, September 19, 2010

Antique & Classic Boat Show

Earlier in the week I heard on the morning news that there was going to be an antique boat show at Smith Mountain Lake. Knowing that Andrew likes old boats, and also seeing that the event was FREE, I mentioned it to him and we decided to go.

Yesterday was the 20th Annual Antique & Classic Boat Show at Mariners Landing at Smith Mountain Lake. It was a beautiful day for looking at some beautiful boats. You could really tell that the owners of these boats put a lot of time, effort, money, and love into their boats. We really enjoyed looking at all of the old boats and seeing how unique each one of them was. I took a bunch of pictures, so here you go...enjoy!

This one ended up being our favorite...this picture doesn't do it justice; it was gorgeous!

These were our other two favorites next to each other

We thought it was neat how much the front looked like a car

I really liked their picnic display on this one

I especially liked the mannequin on this one!

Some wooden kayaks

A boat with a steam engine

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