Sunday, September 19, 2010

My RoadID

Last month when Andrew and I ran in the Fab5K, I was introduced to a new company with a great product: RoadID.

A RoadID is a wearable piece of identification that contains information that could be life-saving should anything happen to you while you are out running, walking, biking, or grocery shopping. They have IDs that you can wear on your wrist, ankle, or attach to your shoe, and they come in all different colors. You can customize up to 6 lines of text with 24 characters on each line. You can include information such as your name, phone numbers of people to contact in case of an emergency, if you have any medical problems or allergies, or even an inspirational quote. The products are geared towards athletes, but anyone can (and should) wear one.

When I first heard of the idea, I thought it was a little silly to always be wearing some sort of identification. But the more I thought about it, I realized how important something like this could be if you were to get hurt, pass out, etc. when you weren't carrying any ID. I know this all sounds really morbid, but you never know what could happen, and this is one of those things that you really hope you never have to use.

So here is my new Wrist ID Elite:

(FYI, I blacked out the phone numbers, in case you thought that's what it really looked like)

Just for ordering, the friendly folks at RoadID gave me a coupon to share with all of my friends. It is good for $1 off any RoadID order through 10/14/2010. It can only be used up to 20 times, so if there are even that many people who read this thing, sorry if they are all used up. Here it is:

(you can use it by entering it at checkout or by going to

So, I think everybody should order a RoadID, pronto.

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  1. This is just like the one I have! And I just renewed the service for another year.