Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Card: A Family Tradition

Anyone in my immediate family knows about the card. However, for those of you who don't, this is the story of the card.

This new "family tradition" started about 3 years ago around my mom's birthday. My dad's mom gave my mom a simple, pretty birthday card for her birthday. Apparently my dad hadn't gotten my mom a birthday card yet, so he just took the card that my grandmother had given to my mom, crossed out my grandmother's note and signature, and signed his own note and name and simply "recycled" the card. From then on, whenever anyone from my family has a birthday, they have the pleasure of receiving the card. It is then their responsibility to keep the card until the next person's birthday and then pass the card onto the next person. And thus, the tradition of the card was born.

This year marked the 3rd time that I have given the card to my mom as my birthday is before hers. The card lived on our refrigerator from May through July and it is now time to part with the card yet again. As I put the second paper insert into the card because we have once again run out of room to write, it is really neat to look at where the card has been and the birthday notes that are written within it. Hopefully the tradition of the card will continue for many years to come. And God help the person who misplaces it.

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