Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yep...We Did It

I know everyone is going to accuse me that it is "way too early," but we put up the Christmas tree this past Sunday. I guess you could say I'm just in the Christmas Spirit extra early this year. I'm even listening to the radio station here (Q99) that is playing Christmas music 24/7 from now until Christmas.

Yes, that's a real fire in the fire place :)

I know it's not super big and glorious, but it fits perfectly in the corner here. James likes to cuddle up underneath the tree and take a snooze, too.

In other news, Andrew and I got new cell phones last night. We're pretty excited about it. We still have the same numbers though, so no worries. I also figured out how to do a blog post from my cell phone, so if you start getting blog posts with just a picture and a short caption, it's probably from my cell phone. Isn't it crazy what you can do these days?

While I do love Christmas, I also love Thanksgiving (tomorrow)!! We have so much to be thankful for and probably more than we can even think of...but here is my short list:

  1. God and His gift of Jesus Christ as our Savior
  2. My wonderful husband
  3. My loving and supportive family
  4. Our church family
  5. Friends
  6. A stable job that I actually like
  7. Good health
  8. A roof over our heads
  9. Food on the table
  10. Our cat, James
  11. And all of the other "little things" that make life great

Well, I hope everybody has a very Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. Don't eat too much turkey!

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