Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Springing into Summer

My dearest blog readers...I am so sorry to have kept you in the dark for the past 2 and a half months. I must have gone through some sort of time warp because it's already the middle of June and I don't remember time going by that fast! Anyways, here's a few things that we've been up to since I last blogged.

Alumni Weekend
Back in mid-April, Andrew and I travelled all the way across town to our alma mater, Roanoke College, for a few of the Alumni Weekend festivities. We ate dinner at Friday on the Quad and the next day we enjoyed a picnic, the lacrosse game, and the farewell roast of our InterVarsity leader, Scott Yeager. We always enjoy going back to dear old Roanoke. Not only is it a gorgeous campus, but it always reminds us of when we met (awwww...).

Katherine's Graduation
A couple weeks later, Katherine (Andrew's sister) graduated from Roanoke College. She must be something special because they put ALL of the special symbols AND a summa cum laude next to her name! Oh, and she did it all in three years, too. Way to go, Katherine! We're proud of you.

Another Year Older!
On May 14th, I turned 23 years young. Isn't it sad that as you get older, birthdays just aren't as exciting as when you were 5 years old? Not that I had a bad birthday or anything, because everything was great...but I guess I just came to that realization this year that it's just another day!

In Other News...
Andrew is all done with school now! He finished up the school year last Friday. I have to brag on him a little bit; his students had some great SOL scores! I know he is relieved to be done for now and relax for the next 2ish months. Even though I sometimes get jealous that he gets to stay at home while I go to work, he is really helpful while I'm gone so we have more time just to relax.

We're getting really excited about our upcoming vacations, too. We'll be going to Litchfield Beach, SC, with my family for a week, then we're headed south to the Biltmore for our 2nd anniversary, and then we're headed north to the beach in Wildwood, NJ, with Andrew's grandparents. I'm sure they'll all make for some great blog posts!

I'll leave you with a picture of one of the daylilies in front of our house. They're so pretty right now. I've also got some sunflowers growing in the back and they are about 7-8 feet tall right now. They haven't poked their heads out yet, but I'll be sure to take a picture of them when they do. So long for now!

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