Friday, April 22, 2011

Nice Weeds!

A few weeks ago I updated my Facebook status to something about how I was a little disappointed that the landscaping crew hadn't hit our garden of weeds in the back yard when they mowed the grass for the first time of the season. I publicly admitted that my gardening skills were inadequate and that I was a little upset that I hadn’t inherited my mom’s and grandmother’s green thumbs.

This unfortunate fact was only further confirmed a week or so later when my weeds started getting these beautiful orange flowers on them, and I realized that these weeds were in fact my wildflowers coming back to life from last year (I obviously didn’t have faith in the “perennial” that was on the box of seeds). There are definitely some weeds in my garden, but obviously I have no idea how to discern a weed from a wildflower.

So since I was on the verge of going out and ripping up all of my wildflowers thinking that they were weeds, I think I’ll just accept my own gardening ignorance and let them just try to live together…

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