Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Today I got my first batch of SOL scores, for my B1, B2, and Bridge Virginia and US History classes. I was really excited by my students scores for B1 and B2. 89% passed in B1 and 21% passed advanced. 87% passed in B2 and 26% passed advanced. I even had one girl in B2 get a perfect 600.

Bridge, on the other hand, did not do too hot. It's a co-taught class with several special education students in it. That class only had 60% pass and 5% pass advanced. Some students really surprised me with their good scores, and it was cool to see some of them get excited when I told them what they got. One girl blew out my eardrum with her excited scream. Overall, though, it was a disappointment. Several of them didn't even score high enough to take the expedited retest, which is unfortunate. One missed the expedited retest cut-off by 1 point (needed a 375, got a 374).

That took my pass rate from an awesome 88% to a not so exciting 79%. It's still better than last year, and I feel better about it, but, it could have been better.

Tomorrow A2 and A3 World History classes take theirs. Hopefully they'll do well and really impress me. We shall see!

I'm sure Lauren will post some about Memorial Day a little later on. We have been wanting a grill for a year now but have never gotten one. This weekend Sears had 20% off Kenmore grills, so we decided that it was something we would use, we've been wanting it a long time, and most importantly we could afford to buy it and pay CASH (Dave Ramsey...). So last night I made our first meal on the grill. It tasted really good, and I had fun cooking outside.

I guess that's it for now!

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