Friday, May 6, 2011

A Happy/Sad Kind of Day

I'll give you the sad news first...

Today I picked up my very last prescription from Lipes Pharmacy. Lipes is an independent pharmacy in the Crystal Spring neighborhood that has been open since 1929, and is now going to close at the end of the month. I'm really sad about this because I really love Lipes. They know my family, and they know my name when I walk in the door. Not only that, but I don't even have to tell them the name of the prescription I'm there to pick up because they remember every time. Granted I only have one prescription, but when I walk in they just ask me if I'm there to pick up "my regular". I'm really going to miss them. I got a little teary-eyed when I walked out the door, and I snapped a picture so that I could always remember them!

I think in honor of this we should go to Fork in the Alley and enjoy a Lipes Burger (burger topped with Tinnell's pimento cheese and a pickle!). Maybe we'll have to do just that later this month...

Alright, enough sad news. Now onto the good part!

Today during lunch, my friend from work, Kelly, walked with me to the Strawberry Festival. We've been looking forward to getting our fill of delicious strawberry shortcake for literally 2 months now. As always, it was so good and I ate every last bit of it.

If you didn't get a chance to go today, the festival is going on tomorrow from 10-4, but don't wait too late because they've run out of strawberries before (now that was a sad day...). While you're downtown, be sure to check out the Chili Cook-Off, too!

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