Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Andrew and I had an eventful yet relaxing Memorial Day weekend, and as usual, it went by way too fast.

On Friday evening we had our friends Justin and Grace over for dinner. Grace and I planned out our schedule to train for the Richmond Marathon this November. I still can't believe we're going to run 26.2 miles!

On Saturday morning I ran in the Appalachian Power Festival Run 10K with Grace. It was my first 10K race, and I did great! If you want to read more about it, check out my other blog, The Running Cook, by clicking here.

After the race, Andrew went for a bike ride on the Parkway while I went grocery shopping. I went to the pool for the first time of the season in the afternoon. Unfortunately, the water is still a little too cold for swimming!

On Saturday evening we met up with our friends Kendra and Derek for a Salem Red Sox baseball game. It was our first baseball game of the season. Andrew had gotten two teacher appreciation tickets through school, so we got to enjoy the game for free. The Sox lost the game, but at least they shot off some fireworks after the game!

After the game we were craving some ice we went to go check out Scott & Ellie's new location in Salem. Scott & Ellie's serves Homestead Creamery ice cream, which is a local creamery that makes the best ice cream I have ever exaggeration. I had some vanilla ice cream with freshly made brownies smashed in and Andrew enjoyed some black raspberry ice cream.

On Sunday we pretty much did a whole lot of nothing. Andrew watched the Indy 500 and the Coca-Cola 600. For dinner Andrew made some steaks on the grill (first time!).

The meal was made complete with a baked potato and green beans.

While I was waiting on dinner to be done, I took a picture of our pretty wildflowers.

This morning Andrew went riding while I went running. We didn't realize how hot it was going to be outside, but combined with the humidity, it was brutal. It really knocked the energy out of us and made it hard for both of us to perform well.

I had plans to go to the pool in the afternoon, but it was just way too hot (I never thought I would say that it's too hot for the pool...). So we had another uneventful afternoon while dinner was cooking in the crock pot. For our Memorial Day dinner, I made pulled pork barbecue (my first time!), homemade coleslaw, corn, and juicy watermelon! I can't wait to eat these leftovers...

So that's what we did this for James, this is what he did all weekend:

Actually, that's what he does pretty much all the time. Must be nice!

Now it's back to work for both of us, and soon Andrew will be out of school for the summer!

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