Monday, February 7, 2011

Deer Sightings and Our Fave Commercials

I had a case of the Mondays today so I was itching to get outside for a run after class. I went around the loop 4 times for a total of 5.3 miles. While I was running I saw at least 6 deer just prancing around like they were right at home. I tried to get a picture of 2 of them with my cell phone but the quality is pretty terrible.

I think these were the same deer that walked right past our classroom windows last week. What more could you expect from these crazy city deer?

I think I watched more of the Super Bowl last night than in previous years only because I had absolutely nothing else to do. My favorite part about the Super Bowl is, of course, the commercials. I didn't catch all of them, but this one definitely made me LOL when I was sitting in my room all by myself.

Andrew said this one was his favorite:

I'll let you decide which one you like...obviously our definitions of a "good commercial" differ greatly.

Only 8 more days of class! Woohoo!

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