Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"It's Groundhog Day!"

It's quite appropriate that I'm giving an update on Groundhog Day because I'm starting to feel like my life here is much like Phil's life in the movie Groundhog Day. Yep. It's the same thing. Over. And over. And over again.

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Today it was a little warmer and sunny outside but still a little windy. I decided to go running outside after class anyways because I realized that I haven't taken a breath of fresh air since returning on Sunday afternoon. It was very refreshing. In fact, I'm being extremely efficient right now and letting some cold fresh air into my room with the heat running. I also like to be efficient by letting the shower run as hot as possible for about 10 minutes to humidify my room because it's like the Sahara in here and I have to peel my contacts off of my eyes every night and I wake up each morning with red scratchy eyes.

Anyways, here's a pretty picture I took while I was out running today. It was SO nice just to get out of the building for a little while. Sorry I blocked the corner of the picture with my glove...

This evening after dinner I was walking to another section of the building to play some ping pong. I was walking in a section that I had never been in before and I stumbled across this creepy staircase that looks like it goes on forever and ever:

This picture is pretty much the epitome of this facility. There's so much concrete everywhere and it just doesn't make sense.

The food this week has been sub par compared to the first week. But the word on the street is that there will be another 900 people here next week (the VA is currently the only resident) so the food should get better.

I'm looking forward to seeing my family again this weekend. This time we'll be celebrating my sister's birthday so I'm sure it will be a good time. After that I will only have 2 more weeks left! Yay!

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